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2013 Sculpture Exhibition

Which takes place yearly at Sausmarez Manor, Guernsey.

Artists 64 Sculptures 127


Marie Ackers

  Marie Ackers was born in France, her work is initially inspired and influenced by the work of the 19th century "French Animaliers", such as Jules Pierre Mene and Antoine Louis Barye. Recently Marie`s inspiration is changing toward more modern sculptor such as inspired by Marino Marini, Henry Moore and Lynn Chadwick... Marie Ackers work is not about scientific measurements but it is about capturing the spirit and the essence of the subject. It is about capturing life. She works on private commissions but also continues developing a portfolio of limited, numbered and signed edition in bronze with few work also available (in a very limited number) in cold cast bronze.
a. Kohulan - Bay (abstract Little Indoor Arab Horse statue)   bronze  2/8  £2,750 
b. Thoroughbred Head Study (Horse Head Bust sculpture statue statuette)   Bronze  1/6  £8,500 


Carol Acworth

  Carol Acworth lives and works in the Languedoc region of the South of France. A sculptor of rare talent, Carol looks at the humanity and feeling of her subject matter. Although she produces such varied pieces, there is a constant vein of vigour of movement and texture that demands to be touched.
Her work is to be found in many homes in England, Scotland and Wales, including that of Penelope Keith, and in Kuwait, Singapore, Italy, France, New Zealand and the United States. Commissions include a Madonna and Child in Oak, for St Peters Church, Petersfield, and a bust of John Bowen, who gave his garden in Petersfield to the town for the use of the public. Other works in public places include Petersfield Hospital, and King Edward School Witley.
Carol states: "If my sculpture touches the heart, then it has achieved its real goal, to bring a little tenderness, a little light, a little healing, a little truth, a little humour and a little love into a struggling world".
a. Ewe (resin Lying Resting Sheep garden Yard statues)   Bronze Resin  /30  £997 
b. Jack the Lurcher (Sleeping Resting Dog garden statues)   Bronze Resin  /30  £525 
c. Lamb (Sleeping Resting garden Yard sculpture statue)   Bronze Resin  /30  £264 


Anon of the East

  Occasionally work from the East stands out for sheer quality of workmanship and this selection we have made, has we feel, this certain something. The low prices reflect the lower costs and in consequence are remarkable bargains. The works are by a variety of different anonymous artists.
a. A little Angel   Bronze  u/l  £2,555 
b. Torch Bearer (life size Bronze Art Nouveau style Girl statue/sculpture)   Bronze  u/l  £1,500 
c. Water Carrier (Art Deco life size nude garden Fountain)   Bronze  u/l  £6,000 


Anon of the Orient

  The works are by a variety of different anonymous artists. Who have carved and polished each piece with the patience and skill only found in the ancient tradition of China.
a. Dancing Girl (nude Pink Carved marble life size Flower Garlands statue)   Sunset Red Marble  u/l  £3,645 
b. Flower Gatherer (Carved marble Girl Indoor statue/statuary/sculptures)   Marbles various  u/l  £2,345 
c. nude with Urn (Modern Semi abstract Carved marble garden/Yard statue)   Marble  u/l  £1,640 


Felicity Aylieff BA (Hons)

  Felicity Aylieff`s desire that both the form and the surface of her work should be emotionally, visually and physically satisfying, is captured in the one piece we managed to get from her. Just as happy in the landscape as the work space, her highly tactile and original work is in demand wherever she exhibits. She is currently lecturing at the Royal Academy.
a. Spiral   White Clay, terracotta, aggregates  2/5  £3,350 


Patrick Barker BA (Hons), MRBS

  Patrick Barker`s charming, rounded, friendly figures have been snapped up by, amongst others, collectors in Holland, Austria, France, Germany, Singapore, Italy, Thailand, USA. Lord Carrington, Michael Hestletine, Tom Stoppard, and Pru Leith have pieces in their collections. This sculpture was being created for the festival.
a. A little of what you know so well (Big Head statue)   Tervoux Stone  1/1  £2,920 
b. The Butterfly (abstract Fun figurative Yard statue)   Richemonte Stone  1/1  £3,250 
c. Too Faced (stone Carved Man`s head/Bust statues)   Tervoux Stone  1/1  £2,500 
d. Up and Away (Humerous Carved Men garden statuary)   Tervoux Stone  1/1  £2,400 


Ben Barrell BA (Hons)

  Ben Barrell creates fluid, naturally elegant forms typically influenced by the dynamic movements of the Atlantic Ocean and the dramatic landscape of the Cornish Coast where he works. His sculptures can be seen in a variety of national and international locations. Ben Barrell designs and makes sculptural Seating for private gardens, hotels and outdoor areas, large scale sculptures for offices, hotels and public spaces, small scale sculptures for indoor or outdoor display
a. Pebble Seat (Medium marble Composite garden sculptures)   Marble Composite  u/l  £1,380 
b. Pebble Seat (small stone Pebble seats)   Marble Composite  u/l  £1,150 
c. Pebble Seats (Large Round)   Marble Composite  u/l  £1,600 
d. Pebble Seats (set of all 3)   Cast Concrete or Marble Resin  u/l  £3,600 


David Begbie MRBS, BA Hons (HDFA) Slad

  David Begbie`s sculpture has been exhibited and bought in London, Zurich, Rome, Amsterdam, Madrid, Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Aspen, Sydney, Toronto, Hong Kong, Glasgow, Paris, Monaco, Hamburg, Melbourne, Singapore, Washington DC, Chicago, Las Vegas, and Vancouver. His ethereal and original works are in the collections of the National Galleries of Canberra, Canada and Rome, The Natural History Museum, Museum Beelden Am Zee Holland and numerous private, corporate and public collections. David Begbie discovered the particular properties of steel mesh as an art student in 1977. Since then his work has been exhibited globally and has been an enormous inspiration to many people, including architects, designers, photographers, world of theatre and dance as well as to other artists and his sculpture has been imitated and copied worldwide. He is the master of his medium and his sculpture speaks for itself.
a. Tuusum (Suspended nude Twin Girl`s Torsos sculptures)   Bronze mesh  1/1  POA 


Robin Bell BA, MRBS

  Robin Bell went to Italy in 1973 on Sabbatical and never left. Resides in Pietrasanta, the world`s greatest sculptural center.
He perfected his craft in Pietrasanta and developed important, close working relations with local artisans to ensure the highest quality of his creations.
Has been producing commissioned bronzes since 1980 for leading international real estate corporations - worldwide, Creates custom works that pay a great deal of attention to history, setting and the subject matter`s each and every detail.
Sculptures which stand the test of history, time and culture.
a. Goldie (Big Golden Eagle Bird of Prey Head sculptures)   Bronze  /9  £10,500 


Dawn Benson

  Dawn Benson`s sculpture is stylised figurative and mainly in bronze. A lot of her work is based on families and relationships. A mother herself, much of her inspiration is drawn from her own experiences, relationships and feelings. `There is a myriad of feelings and emotions depicting relationships that I wish to explore, both dependent and inter-dependant. I also produce works to commission and am aiming to get more this year.` She is currently working on a series of `horse and child` pieces. Initially Dawn works on a small scale which can be scaled up to produce large pieces for outside.
a. Angels on Horseback (Stylised Children Riding statue)   Bronze Resin  2/8  £3,200 
b. Hopes and Dreams (Horse and Child Bronze sculpture)   Bronze  3/8  £3,400 
c. Team Spirit (Horse and Child Rider garden sculptures)   Bronze  5/8  £2,900 


Alan Biggs BA (Hons)

  Alan Biggs Trained at Reading University and the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris and having taken early retirement from teaching plunged into sculpture and portraiture and was selected for the RA Summer Exhibition. His time is almost entirely taken up by commissions so we are lucky to have his work to show his incredible talent for the human form in repose and motion.
a. Deer and Fawn (Standing Calmly Bronze resin Outdoor garden statues)   Bronze Resin  /21  £3,000 
b. Mara (Little Girl Dancing garden Yard Outdoor Cold Cast statues)   Bronze Resin  /21  £1,500 
c. Paula (Young life size Girl Child Looking garden sculptures statues)   Resin Bronze  /21  £1,350 
d. The Golden Apple (Dancing nude Girl Goddess garden statue statuette)   Resin Bronze  /21  £2,950 


Adam Binder SWLA

  One of Britain`s leading wildlife sculptors, Adam Binder has a signature fluid style of simple lines and flowing forms depicting both movement and emotion that beautifully captures the essence of his subjects. Working primarily in Bronze with earthy rich patinas, Adam`s work is recognized and collected all over the world.
a. Out Foxed (Ready to Pounce Bronze garden Yard statues)   Bronze  /12  £7,500 
b. Seals (Pair Small garden Bronze Young Playing statues)   Bronze  /12  £8,900 


Monika Brors

  Monika Brors was brought up in Germany and was a student of Guiseppe Del Debbio at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence. Her Bronzes are cast at a traditional Italian bronze foundry just outside Florence. She understands how expertly to capture the characteristics of a theme in delicate, light tones, reflecting her positive attitude and view of life. They draw the observer closer to `The Lightness of Being`.
a. Grautier mit Reiter (Bronze Donkey and Rider statues)   Bronze  /10  £5,295 


Thomas Brown

  Tom`s work concentrates on the sheer and permanent beauty of form in nature. He aims to express the power and vibrancy of the living world through the tactile mediums of clay and stone in all their beauty and timeless variety and is proud to be swimming against the present tide of the abstract and the conceptual in current art practice.
a. Baroque Lion after Canova (stone resin sculpture)   Stone Resin    £3,050 
b. River God (Carved stone Head garden statues)   Portland Stone  1/1  £18,334 


Perryn Butler

  Perryn Butler is a successful leading Welsh Sculptor, based in Haverfordwest, West Wales, United Kingdom. Her work is derived from intense study of early civilisations. Perryn is interested in the connection between man and his spiritual world.
a. Druid (abstract stone Half Sized gardenr Yard statue)   Monk`s Park Limestone  1/1  £3,250 


Alan Card

  He has a natural eye for form and design and unerring ability to turn the former into spectacular reality in stainless steel. He does this alongside this other skill in designing and creating original designer furniture for exteriors as well as interiors.
a. Moonbeams (12 inch)   Stainless Steel  u/l  £50 
b. Moonbeams (40 inch)   Stainless Steel  u/l  £569 
c. Moonbeams (6 inch)   Stainless Steel  u/l  £20 
d. Sphere column water feature   Stainless steel  u/l  £350 
e. Sphere Water Feature   Stainless Steel  u/l  £220 


Helle Rask Crawford

  Helle Rask Crawford surrenders herself totally in the creative process. The honest expression is born through the enchantment found in sculpting. What emerges from the beautiful and manifest figuration`s is a form of personal responsibility. A dynamic act of balance in a concrete sculptural expression. The artist does not revere what is in vogue at the modern art scene. Her contract with the future is thus unpredictable, but meeting the works of the artist is very rewarding, because the ultimate freedom and pleasure in the work is so markedly prioritized, inside and outside the domain of the time. Controlled movement is the guiding force in the handling of clay, plaster and bronze. Superficiality is only skin-deep: A sensuous joy can be sensed flowing from the artist`s fingers in the sculpting of any surface.
a. Dressage Artistique (Bronze Adalusian Stallion/Horse Trotting sculpture)   Bronze, granit  2/8  £3,000 


Stephanie Davies-Arai BA (Hons), MA, MRBS, SSS

  Her interest is in the human form and its relation to the organic found in nature. She takes her inspiration from the landscape and the natural world, especially the South Downs where she lives. She has always tried to express something of the spirit within rather that an illustrative interpretation of the human form, and she was influenced greatly by the inner power expressed in the Buddha sculptures in Japan, where she lived and worked for 5 years.
a. Seated Figure (Carved stone Semi abstract figurative sculpture/statue)   Marble  1/1  £8,000 
b. Sitting female (Squatting Crossed Legged abstract statue/sculpture)   Portland Stone  1/1  £7,000 


Martin Debenham

  Martin Debenham is a self taught artist who has been making stainless steel wire sculptures for some years. "Sanctuary" is based on a tessellating Islamic star pattern. It was welded together from individual straight sections of wire and then assembled around a reflective sphere before being polished.
a. Improvisation 13 (stainless Steel Wire Modern abstract sculpture statue)   Marine Grade Stainless Steel  1/1  £467 


Shirley Diamond

  Shirley trained in Kingston-upon-Hull, and presently lives and works in Manchester. During Summer 1994 she attended the first international symposium in Prelip, Macedonia and also presented work and a guest lecture at the Kostelec Bohemia Festival in the Czech Republic in September 1995. In 1996 she was awarded a Henry Moore Foundation Bursary that supported residences in West Yorkshire and Western Australia. Shown at Whitworth Art Gallery and the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, and teaches at Bretton Hall.
a. A Relationship of Exchange   Stainless steel  1/1  £2,250 


Sukey Erland SPS

  Particularly accomplished in humorous and life like animals, in bronze, ceramic and resin. Exhibits widely and has an avid following and you can see why.
a. Erect Otter (Bronze life size Upright garden/Yard/Poolside Patio statue)   Bronze  8/9  £2,700 
b. Lucy with Clover (Standing Girl garden sculptures)   Bronze resin  1/8  £2,160 


Abbey Evans

  Abbey Evans is a truly remarkable self taught artist producing one off fine bird sculptures using his highly skilled metal craft techniques from a career of repairing aircraft. After a life long passion for wood carving, willow sculpture and nature, the natural progression into metals particularly old copper, has produced a marvelous collection of fine bird sculptures.
a. Cormorant (life size Metal garden Sea bird sculptures/statues)   Copper  1/1  £2,000 
b. Heron 2 (Recycled metal/Copper life size Pond Side sculpture/statue)   Old Copper  1/1  £2,000 


Ginger Gilmour ASWA

  Ginger Gilmour is an artist with a particular vision. This vision has emerged from her life experience and the influence of many great teachers. The seed of this vision grew out of the integration of her eighteen years of marriage with Pink Floyd guitarist, David Gilmour ~ the raising of their four children and the inner longing to express her own creativity. Now what once was a seed flowers within her life, within her paintings and is allowed to be expressed in her exciting sculpture.
a. Aeriel (life size Bronze Angel with Outstretched Wings garden/statue)   Bronze  1/9  £25,000 
b. Awakening (Pink resin life size Kneeling Angel garden sculpture statue)   resin  1/9  £6,250 
c. Contemplation (Beautiful Modern Minimalist Seated Buddha statues)   Resin, Marble dust  6/150  £3,335 
d. Melusina (abstract Fallen Angel stone resin garden/Yard statue)   Resin  2/9  £8,750 
e. Sylph Reeds (Cold Cast Metal resin abstract Coloured Reeds)   resin (or metal)  /30  £1,000 


Dr. Nicholas Gold MBBS

  After two careers, in the Coldstream Guards and as a G.P., he has finally found his passion for using local materials and creating works for that landscape. His work is commission only, and his whims and follies can be found in Arizona, Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. He is influenced by Military Fortification and dry stonewalling of his native Yorkshire when he is not writing, exploring or inventing.
a. Guernsey Glacier   Granite  1/1  POA 
b. Whim 7   Granite or any stone that is available    POA 


David Goode MRBS, SPS

  David Goode is a man of many parts, producing such serious and humorous work. Initially specializing in portrait and figurative work, moving via numerous commissions to his present mischievous approach, reminiscent of Hans Anderson or Mervin Peake, which are so sought after. He is the youngest person ever to have worked for Madame Tussauds in London.
a. Goblin and Mushroom (Bronze garden Imp or Gobblin Drinking Water Featu)   Bronze  175  £7,084 
b. Jackpot (Bronze Imp or Goblin Water Fountain sculpture)   Bronze  /90  £5,167 
c. Mischief   Bronze  38/50  £5,725 


Veda Hallowes MBRS

  Veda Hallowes works mainly in bronze, drawing inspiration from natural forms; fruits, seeds, birds and butterflies.

Her present creative focus is on bronze wall pieces, using elements, clouds and abstract forms.We are lucky to get another edition of her most famous work Liberty.
a. Liberty (Bronze sitting Young Girl Dreaming statue)   Bronze  /12  £9,000 


Martin Hayward-Harris ARBS, AFC, dip AD, MSIAD

  Martin Hayward-Harris is a talented animalier who created the massive blue whale in the Natural History Museum where he trained and worked for twenty years before doing the same job in the National Museum in Copenhagen, where he worked with Europe`s greatest wild life artists. He supports the WWF with sculptures auctioned at Christies. He translates pure form into a realm beyond simplicity and sensitivity that is traditional and contemporary at the same time.
a. Cockerel (Poultry Rooster Cock Bronze statue)   bronze  £5,834 
b. Spirit of freedom (Wildly Dancing Naked Girl statuette)   bronze  3/9  £3,334 


Silas Higgon

  Silas Higgon creates Some of the most accurate and carefully made sundials available in Europe. Silas Higgon makes a wide selection of meticulously calibrated traditional, Innovative and contemporary Sundials. He has now retired though occasionally can be persuaded to work on a commission. This is his last piece.
a. Armillary Spheres (Brass Sundial Traditional/Historical)   Bronze  U/L  £1,250 


Michael Hipkins ARBS

  Michael Hipkins was born in 1942 and received his Art education at Blackpool College. He then went to Paris to study painting at the Academie de la Grande Chaumiere and Academie Julienne and etching and engraving at S.W. Hayter`s Atelier 17. Primarily absorbed by the human figure, he is not so concerned with naturalistic interpretation but rather with truth to materials used. In his stone carving he brings out the quality of the stone, showing different degrees of process from the raw stone to a highly polished finish. The figures emerge from the stone creating unity in form, spirit and movement.
a. Amazon (marble female nude Warrior garden statue)   Portuguese Rose Marble  1/1  £3,300 
b. Dreamscape (marble Sleeping nude Girl sculptures)   Marble  1/1  £3,000 
c. Joy Ride (Carved nude Riding Horse Low Relief statue)   Portuguese White Marble  1/1  £2,500 
d. Unity (Mans Hand and nude Woman Primitiv Carved stone statue sculpture)   Ancaster  1/1  £3,200 


Andrew Horsfall MRBS

  Graceful curves and planes, crystallize organic ideas with solid structures and suggest as yet undiscovered natural forms, the sort of sculpture one is compelled to touch, is just one description of his delightful work that is so much in demand in the house, the workplace and the open space.
a. Morphos 1   White Marble, Abalone  1/1  £7,335 
b. Morphos 2   White Marble, abalone  1/1  £6,000 
c. Morphos 3   White Marble, abalone  1/1  £6,670 


Jon Barlow Hudson MRBS, ISC, S-N

  Jon Barlow Hudson has been creating large-scale sculpture projects for public and other environments around the world since 1976: 26 different countries, including the Irish isle. He works on any scale, in a wide range of materials, in various motifs and types of installation.
a. CUNIUNCTIO OPPORITORUM (Contemporary stainless Steel Cross)   Stainless Steel  1/1  £10,667 


Abu Jafar MRBS

  Abu Jafar is an acclaimed leading International artist and Philosopher of the arts. Since 1991 he lives and work in United Kingdom. He gathers elements through his emotional experiences then transform them into the art forms which could incorporate anything and everything that`s around him.
a. Wonder Nature II (abstract Rectangular garden sculptures)   Steel, Gold, fused glass  1/1  £40,000 


Lucy Kinsella BA (Hons)

  Lucy Kinsella is a real pleasure to be able to welcome back Lucy`s rapturous approach to nature, and her skilful use of patination. Usually her exhibitions are a sell out, so we were lucky to have these pieces to show you.
a. Seated Hare (Large Outsize garden Yard sculptures)   Bronze Resin  /9  £5,000 


Robert Koenig BA, MA, ARBS

  Robert Koenig studied sculpture at the prestigious Slade School of Art in London. Has been working as a professional sculptor since 1978.
a. Equus   Bronze  /6  £2,500 


Phillip Kotokwa

  Phillip Kotokwa works in a variety of exotic stone from his native Zimbabwe. He is one of the few African artists that has made such inroads into the International market with pieces in wide spread collections.
a. Mushrooms (Large Carved stone Fungi garden/Yard sculptures/statue)   Opal Stone  1/1  £2,750 
b. Sisters (Carved stone Modern Stylised Women statues)   Springstone  1/1  £3,000 


Jason Le Noury

  Jason Le Noury has a natural ability, augmented by study at Hereford College of Art and Design, to create life and mythical forms from steel, copper and other metal`s, and the few pieces that he creates get snapped up by his fellow islanders and from further afield. He gets better every time he sets his hand to the welder.
a. Face en Face (Copper and Steel Faces Peering from Tree sculptures)   Copper, Steel  1/1  £1,700 
b. Ronin (Steel and Copper Japanese Warrior garden sculptures)   Copper, Steel  1/1  £10,835 


Nick Lloyd

  Nick Lloyd`s experience initially in the steel fabrication industry with British Steel preceded his time at Salford University and these combine to inspire him to create these powerful metal images. Most of his work is commissioned for public display in his beloved North of England. He is open to commissions on similar subjects if you have something in mind.
a. The Beast   Steel  1/1  £1,350 


Michael Lyons FRBS, FRSA

  In 1998 Michael Lyons held a 20 year Survey Show at Yorkshire Sculpture Park, of which he was a Founding Member. Since then he has worked extensively in China, Mexico and Argentina extending his use of mild steel to encompass stainless steel and copper. In 2003 he won the Premio Fondo Nacional at the Guilin Yuzxi Paradise International Sculpture Awards. In 2006 he won the Premio Fondo Nacional de las Artes in the Chaco Biennale of Sculpture, Argentina. In 2007 he represented Britain in "Open" - an International Exhibition of Sculpture and Installations in Venice. In 2008 he exhibited in "Steel Sculpture" organized by the Fundacion Villacero at the Rami Koc Museum, Istanbul and the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) Monterrey, Mexico. In 2011/12 he is exhibiting in the London Bridge City Sculpture Exhibition, Hays Galleria, London. Three sculptures and ten drawings entitled "The Lady Zhen`s Well" have just been acquired by The Yale Centre for British Art, Yale University, USA.
a. High Priest (Modern Steel abstract Out Doors sculptures)   Steel  1/1  £26,675 
b. Horn Blower (Large Modern abstract Steel Contemporary sculptures)   Steel  1/1  £41,675 


Andrew MacCallum HND

  Andrew MacCallum achieved an HND at Stafford College under the tuition of Mike Talbot ARBS, he has since worked professionally as a sculptor for 13 years. His interpretation of the female form can not be bettered.
a. Grey Lady (nude Girl Woman female Torso/statue)   Aluminum laminate  35  £3,334 
b. Morning (nude Girl Young female Torso sculptures)   Bronze Resin  35  £3,334 
c. Repose (nude Girl Young Calm Woman garden statue)   Bronze resin  35  £3,834 


Simon Mahoney

  Simon Mahoney`s work is beautifully sculpted, he`s a perfectionist. From his experience as a commercial sculptor, he now loves to play with scale and his work entertains adults and children alike as he tends to leave parts of the sculpture as movable. Simon`s work is effective in any scale and surrounding, the powerful heads have a wonderful presence and they are like the portrait in the hall the follows you with it`s stare. Simon has worked on public art pieces also. His work contains a gentle sense of fun, which is very much him.
a. Modern nude (Small/Little Bronze Naked Man statues)   Bronze  1/1  £3,000 


Rob J Maingay

  Rob Maingay`s is in immense demand in Holland for his sculptures, there seems scarcely a town there that does not have at least one of his works. It is only because his ancestors, fleeing from the terror in Normandy, lived for a time in Guernsey that we persuaded this sculptural giant to exhibit here.
a. Counter-formes (Carved stone Columnar abstract Modern statue/statuary)   Freestone  1/1  £14,300 
b. Positive-Negative (Small Carved Rectangular garden/Yard statues)   Granite  1/1  £6,850 
c. Upright (Tall Carved Black Granite abstract Modern Columnar sculptures)   Granite  1/1  £25,000 


Tom Maley

  Tom Maley is multi talented and skilful artist who uses his imagination and his background in the industrial north to create powerful images from a variety of materials, often with a touch of humour, but always with the punch of a pile driver.
a. Electra (Large Bronze Modern Contemporary nude Fountain sculpture)   Bronze/Stainless Steel  /10  £50,000 


Jennie McCall BA(Hons)

  Jennie McCall`s childhood interests in folklore, myth and nature have manifested themselves in her passion for drawing and sculpture. Her formal education and extensive travelling, as well as all the aforementioned influences, have played a hugely significant part in Jennie`s development as an artist.
a. Sir Galahad War Horse (stone ware statue)   Stoneware  1/1  £1,250 


Lorne Mckean RASA, FRBS, SEA

  Lorne Mckean`s long and highly successful career continues to flourish with many exciting new commissions. She has countless works in public and private spaces and a royal commission early in her career lead to four more Royal commissions, the most recent being a 1/2 life-size bronze of H.R.H. The Duke of Edinburgh for Guards Polo Club, Windsor Park.
a. Cat Benny (Big Portrait Sitting Seated sculptures Bronze resin)   Bronze Resin  2/5  £8,334 


Jesse Merton-Richards

  Jesse Merton-Richards studied stonecarving under Jean Denise Biscornet in Canada, then studied with master masons in Croatia and after a foundation course in Falmouth where he studied with granite masons and has been carving ever since in an assortment of materials.
a. Gold Leaf (Modern abstract garden sculpture/statues)   Indian Serpentine  1/1  £1,250 
b. Silent Wisdom (abstract Modern Carved and Polished stone sculptures)   Indian Serpentine  1/1  £1,500 
c. Welcome (Modern abstract Contemporary gardens statues/sculptures)   Florentine Alabaster  1/1  £2,917 


Robert Mileham AFAS

  Robert Mileham, whose ability to capture the spontaneity and bounce of a dog and those dreamy moments in a child`s life is nothing short of a mystery. His work is really all commission resulting from people having seen his work in an exhibition or in a collection which are as far a field as the USA, Hong Kong, Belgium, Switzerland and of course Britain. He must be one of the finest sculptors of girls around.
a. Anne of Buckinghamshire (nude Young Girl Thinking sculptures/statues)   Bronze  /9  £21,750 
b. Ice Breaker (Bronze Young Girl/female/Child sculptures/statues)   Bronze  £13,334 


Peter Moulton

  Peter Moulton attempts in his sculptures to capture the character of the subject, to treat the nude as an individual, not just as a body. The sculptures are not portraits of individuals but of the emotions themselves. His aim is to sculpt the feelings and the flesh.
a. Architecture of a Seahorse (garden Large sculpture)   Polyester resin  £8,334 
b. Legs (nude Naked Girl fun dressed statue statuette)   Polyester resin  64  £350 


Terry New Dip AD, MA(RCA), PPRBS

  Terry New comes with a natural talent honed at an impressive selection of Art Academia; Wimbledon School of Art, Hornsey College of Art and the Royal College of Art. He has been invited to exhibit extensively in Australia, Britain, Italy and France and features prominently in "Modern British Sculpture" the book of sculptors of 20th Century by Guy Portelli. He was elected President of the RBS in 2013.
a. Accord (abstract Contemporary Ridged Yard art statues)   Cold Cast Iron    £7,920 
b. Undercurrents II (Modern abstract garden/Yard statues)   Cold Cast Copper  2/5  £6,670 


John Cyril O`Connor

  John Cyril O`Connor`s Description.
states that living and working as a sculptor is both fascinating and absorbing, opening his ideas to the questioning of human life which helps him to draw upon his own inner knowledge, the driving force behind his work. He believes art is a journey within us and sometimes you get an answer and sometimes it`s just a journey. He studied at the Art Academy in London where he is now resident artist. He has also worked on a number of commissions and exhibited around the UK.
a. Helder (nude Sitting life size Man garden Yard statues sculptures)   Stained concrete  1/3  £5,000 


Jeremy Palmer

  Jeremy Palmer carves mainly Oak, it`s a unique natural material, very strong, resilient and full of character. He never uses preservatives or finishes. For interior display the oils in the wood provide a warm, silky sheen. Outside, his sculptures will age gracefully to a finish reminiscent of medieval timber buildings.
a. Skinny Dipper (abstract Contemporary nude Girl Diver sculptures/statue)   French Oak  1/1  £4,167 
b. Strollers (abstract Contemporary Parent and Child Carved Wood Yard statue)   French Oak  1/1  £2,667 


Anna Louise Parker

  Anna Louise Parker is a carver of stone and wood. In the time-honoured tradition of a skilled craftsman, Anna utilises hammer and chisel to create timeless works of art. Anna has worked on a variety of commissions and projects involving 3D portraiture, historic ornament, contemporary sculpture, public lettering and private memorials. Her skills as a carver include design, drawing and modelling with clay. Her greatest love is the art of lettering. Most of her work is from commissions and she is always interested in hearing your ideas for something new.
a. Plinth (Precision Carved Raised Lettering garden Carving/statue/sculpture)   Portland Stone    £3,334 


Gary Pickles

  Gary Pickles has a deftness and skill with copper, which combines with a sure eye for form. The shapes and designs are absorbed from nature and then worked into the finished creation. He has work in private collections all over the country, we have sent them as far as Australia.
a. Ginger Lily (Hedychium Copper Fountain Water Feature sculpture statue)   Copper  u/l  £1,650 
b. Sunflower Water sculpture (Copper Fountain garden statues)   Copper  u/l  £369 


Guy Portelli FRBS, VPRBA

  Rising head and shoulders above his contemporaries Guy Portelli`s work is found all over Britain, the US and Europe, in private, public and corporate collections. Somehow with all his commissions and own inspirations he manages to find time to work on the committee of the RBS and write books on the sculptors of the 20th Century with equal skill and panache, as well as organizing art shows and events.
a. Romeo and Juliet (Lifesize Bronze Lovers abstract Ballet Dance statues)   Bronze  £48,000 
b. The Divers (Contemporary stainless Steel Swimmers statue sculpture)   Stainless Steel Rod  1/1  £11,250 


Kenneth Potts MRBS, BA

  Kenneth Potts great skill in figurative work is reflected in the astonishing amount of commissions, bronze portraits of such heroes as Douglas Bader, Wellington, Napoleon, Johnny Johnson etc and his ability to give a feeling of movement as well as peace, he has been asked to exhibit at the RA, The Sladmore Gallery, Tokyo, New York etc etc.
a. Egret on Alert (Standing Water Bird Wader sculpture)   Aluminium Tube, Sheeting  1/1  £1,659 
b. Egret Stalking (Out Door Snowy or Cattle sculpture)   Aluminium  1/1  £1,659 
c. In the Surf (Bronze nude Couple in Sea/Surf statues)   Bronze  u/l  £8,750 


Orhan Rashtana

  Orhan Rashtana outsize animal sculptures are chiefly what he is known for though he can turn his creative hand to a wide variety of representational and semi representational ones or semi abstract sculptures, usually with a little fun in the result.
a. King Cobra II (Giant Snake/serpent/reptile Steel garden/yard sculpture)   Iron  1/1  £14,250 
b. Scorpion (giant steel insect)   Iron  1/1  £45,834 


Paul Riley

  Paul Riley is a thoroughly accomplished and well rounded artist in sculpture, painting and drawing whose skill extends to teaching and organizing workshops and exhibitions. Despite this busy life he is featured in a great deal in a wide variety of exhibitions in London, Frankfurt, The Tate, Philadelphia, Berlin, etc etc.
a. Mother and Child (Semi abstract Decorative garden sculptures statues)   Marble Powder, resin    £1,420 


Timothy Shutter MA, ARBS

  Timothy Shutter is in such demand for commissions for public and private collections, he has very little time to work on his own inspirations and we are privileged to share some of his own examples of realism. His work is of such quality that it has nearly all been funded by rural development funds, the Lottery, Arts Councils and County Councils.
a. Canon (Carved stone Giant Camera garden sculptures)   Portland stone  1/1  £1,745 


Jilly Sutton BA, MRBS

  Jilly Sutton trained at Exeter College of Art. She carves "in the round" large pieces of timber, the challenge being the plastic manipulation of the wood. Her mostly figurative work has a haunting beauty, with an over-riding feeling of peace. Her double sized head of the Poet Laureate is in the National Portrait Gallery collection. Much of her work is cast in bronze or sometimes Olive-stone from her original carvings.
a. The Sleeper (Large Bronze Lovely Womans Face statues/masks/sculptures)   Bronze  2/3  £6,500 


Sarah Tombs MA (Hons)

  A remarkably versatile artist, having graduated from Wimbledon, Chelsea and The Royal College where she won the Henry Moore Scholarship. She creates work of quality and power, and unbounded originality. Each piece has a spontaneity and character of its own.
a. Splash (life size Steel Diver Outdoor abstract sculpture statue)   Steel  1/1  £25,000 


Jennifer Urmenyi

  A member of the Surrey Sculpture Society revels in ceramics as an Art Form and produces these lovely shells amongst other things at very reasonable prices to adorn pools, rockeries and gardens. Very popular in England.
a. Molluscs   Glazed Pottery/Ceramic  u/l  £160 


Tolleck Winner ARBS

  Tolleck Winner ARBS was born in the former USSR in 1959. He has lived and worked in the United Kingdom since 1980. Dedicated to producing art as full time occupation, his work is kept in private and public collections in the UK and throughout the world.
a. Reach for the Sky (Bronze abstract Contemporary figurative statues)   Bronze  1/1  £7,500 
b. The Law of Gravity (Metal Bronzw abstract Yard garden sculpture statue)   Aluminium anodized  1/6  £7,500 


Jonathan Wylder

  Jonathan Wylder is one of those rare artists whose skill is entirely natural and untaught and whose artistry has been appreciated by such as Sir Cecil Beaton, his first client, The Duke of Westminster who commissioned a five metre bronze of his ancestor Sir Robert Grosvenor and so the list goes on. He is particularly well known for his singular ability to capture that spontaneous moment of movement or repose whether of people, birds or animals
a. Claudia   Bronze Resin  a/c  N/A 
b. Jessica II (Bronze resin Adolescent Girl sculptures)   Bronze Resin  /9  POA 
c. Mermaid   Bronze Resin  a/c  N/A 


Peter Wylly BA (Hons)

  Peter Wylly, the abstract side of nature, spirals, layers, waves, branching, natural patterns are his inspiration. He feels that he was always able to understand a good shape whether it is a Miyake dress, a Nogucci light, an Eames Chair, a Brancusi sculpture or the natural erosion of rocks.
a. Lonji (Small garden/Yard abstract Contemporary Modern statue sculpture)   Thermoblock, Concrete    £882 
b. Zenscape (Modern Contemporary Concentric Sand Dunes Circles sculpture)   Sand, Resin, Thermoformed plastic  Limited ed  £1,685 
c. Zoin (Circular Round Contemporary Modern abstract Small garden statue)   Thermoblock, Concrete  u/l  £845 


Althea Wynne ARCA, FRBS

  Though inspired by classical tradition, Althea`s work develops her forms of human figures and animals with a contemporary treatment, using high-fired ceramic with the colour of Cotswold stone.
a. Twos Company (Large ceramic garden/Yard figurative abstract statues)   Clay  1/1  £2,000 

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"I express myself in sculpture since I am not a poet. "
Aristide Maillol
Customer comment on 'Rainbow 1 (Curved Arched Modern abstract Carved Wooden statue)' by Liliya Pobornikova
Hi Liliya, Rainbow 1 arrived today. I can`t describe my delight, it is so truly awesome, where did you ever find such a piece of wood, and you are so skilled, creating such a unique piece. I`m not worried about the crack, it`s natural, and part of its beauty. This will be a privilege to own, and will last for so many lifetimes. Kind regards,
Mr A. Chalmers, Suffolk, United Kingdom.